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This site brings you the history of the Islamic Jihad from its beginnings at Mecca in 620 C.E. up to 9/11, and the lessons it has for us in today’s challenging times. If we are to understand Islam, we need to understand the temperament of its founder Mohammed (PBUH*), the way victorious Muslims have treated the subject people, and above all the reasons for the victory of Islam thus far in the JIHAD.

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What is Jihad: The Arabic word Jihad is derived from the root word Jahada (struggle). Jihad has come to mean an offensive war to be waged by Muslims against all non-Muslims to convert them to Islam on the pain of death. Jihad is enjoined on all Muslims by the Quran.

This site brings you the history of the Islamic Jihad from a neutral and factual viewpoint.

Outlook of this website:

This site is against all forms of fanaticism – religious and non-religious. But the emotional appeal of non-religious fanaticism like Nazism, Fascism or Communism is not as pervasive as that of fanaticism based on religion. When fanaticism and religion are mixed, we have a very potent and dangerous brew that can sustain itself for centuries unlike non-religious fanaticisms like Nazism and Communism which die out when the ringleaders are defeated. This is so, since religion is based on the psychological weakness of all humans, when we humans try to comprehend the unknown (universe). This understanding is (and perhaps will always remain) incomplete.

Religion tries to complete this incompleteness by fantasizing that the unknown is a god and that this god is the creator of all things that happen in this world and the universe. This idea that there is a god, which is assumed to be the unknown power in the universe makes the human mind paranoid because of our fear of the unknown. And this paranoia drives humans to do anything to propitiate this unknown power that is assumed to exist. This is what transforms this weakness of our human mind into a sickness. It is this sickness of the mind that drives humans to undertake wild acts like suicide bombings, fight holy wars, forced conversion, slaughter of humans who give a different name to this assumed power called god, etc, under the delusion of trying to please the unknown power that is assumed to be behind all existence.

While all forms of religious fanaticism are negative, only Islam raises slaughter of all Kafirs (non-Muslims) to a holy creed, it teaches Muslims to gloat over the killing of non-Muslims and celebrate their death. Hence Islam is the most demented and dangerous form of religious fanaticism. And it is not Islamic fanaticism that is to be blamed for this, as Islam itself is fanaticism.

From its root to its fruit Islam is the most violent, and virulent form of this delusion that the unknown universe is a god and all those who do not accept this brand of fantasizing of the unknown universe have to be slaughtered. This is so since Islamic fanaticism was born in a barren and harsh desert environment that gave birth to the paranoid mentality of the Bedouin Arabs among whom was born Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated), the founder of this blood-thirsty creed – Islam.

This blood-thirsty Muslim mentality has trickled down to the newest convert to Islam be he or she Brown Black, Yellow or White. Most importantly it makes Islam the worst enemy of quest and science and of all human progress. While all religions are opposed to science as the Pope was to Galileo and Copernicus; but it is Islam which is the most blood-thirsty expression of this challenge of religion to reason. So Islam will have to be the first to be removed from the path of human progress and the reply to Islam to be effective would have to be more blood-thirsty and paranoid than Islam itself.

Those opposed to Islam will have to be like the hunter who aims his rifle between the eyes of the man-eater tiger and shoots till the tiger is dead meat. The hunter bears no enmity with the tiger, but shoots him dispassionately, so that he himself can live, and NOT end up by becoming the dinner of the man-eater.

This has to be the attitude, not based on a hate of Islam, but a determination to put a full and final end to Islam, so that Human society can progress without the hindrance of any religion obstructing its path.

After Islam is militarily defeated and then destroyed; the need of the day would be to come up with workable creative ideas, for brainwashing the remaining religious fanatics with techniques like anesthesia leading to amnesia and re-education of such brainwashed ex-religious fanatics; or the use of mass lobotomy to achieve the same result. Only such a technique could prevent religious fanaticism from being resurrected with a name other than Islam and insure the progress of human civilization without any obstacle from any religion.

To summarize, the religious outlook that claims to "know the unknown", as a god, allah, etc., is a sub-optimal human response (and so is a sub-human response). Violent monotheism is a criminal response which has brought our world to where it is today, post 11th September.

The need of our age is to start with the destruction of the most blood-thirsty form of religious fanaticism – Islam, followed up with the dovetailing of all other forms of religious fanaticism so that they move over and make way for rational-humanism. To make it more subtle; the need is for religion and religious fanaticism to move out of human minds and be replaced by rational-humanism.

Our maintaining this site, is our contribution for working towards this objective.

Chronological Jihads

The Jihad against Arabs (622 to 634)

The Jihad against Zoroastrian Persians of Iran, Baluchistan and Afghanistan (634 to 651)

The Jihad against the Byzantine Christians (634 to 1453)

The Jihad against Christian Coptic Egyptians (640 to 655)

The Jihad against Christian Coptic Nubians - modern Sudanese (650)

The Jihad against pagan Berbers - North Africans (650 to 700)

The Jihad against Spaniards (711 to 730)

The Reconquista against Jihad in Spain (730 to 1492)

The Jihad against Franks - modern French (720 to 732)

The Jihad against Sicilians in Italy (812 to 940)

The Jihad against Chinese (751)

The Jihad against Turks (651 to 751)

The Jihad against Armenians and Georgians (1071 to 1920)

The Crusade against Jihad (1096 – 1291 ongoing)

The Jihad against Mongols (1260 to 1300)

The Jihad against Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (638 to 1857)

The Jihad against Indonesians and Malays (1450 to 1500)

The Jihad against Poland (1444 to 1699)

The Jihad against Rumania (1350 to 1699)

The Jihad against Russia (1500 to 1853)

The Jihad against Bulgaria (1350 to 1843)

The Jihad against Serbs, Croats and Albanians (1334 to 1920)

The Jihad against Greeks (1450 to 1853)

The Jihad against Albania (1332 - 1853)

The Jihad against Croatia (1389 to 1843)

The Jihad against Hungarians (1500 to 1683)

The Jihad against Austrians (1683)

Jihad in the Modern Age (20th and 21st Centuries)

The Jihad against Israelis (1948 – 2004 ongoing)

The Jihad against Americans (9/11/2001)

The Jihad against the British (1947 onwards)

The Jihad against Denmark (2005 cartoon controversy onwards)

The Jihad against the Filipinos in Mindanao(1970 onwards)

The Jihad against Indonesian Christians in Malaku and East Timor (1970 onwards)

The Jihad against Russians (1995 onwards)

The Jihad against Dutch and Belgians (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Norwegians and Swedes (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Thais (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Nigerians (1965 onwards)

The Jihad against Canadians (2001 onwards)

The Jihad against Latin America (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Australia (2002 onwards)

The Global Jihad today (2001 – ongoing)

The War on Terror against Jihad today (2001– ongoing)

The Vision for the post-Islamic (and post-religious) world

This site is dedicated to a factual and realistic analysis of the Islam and its founder Mohammed S.A.W. (PBUH*) who launched the Islamic Jihad in the year 620 from Makkah (Mecca) in Arabia.

Here you will read about the history of the Islamic Jihad from its beginnings at Mecca in 620 C.E. up to 9/11, and the lessons it has for us in today’s challenging times. If we are to understand Islam, we need to understand the temperament of its founder Mohammed PBUH*, the way victorious Muslims have treated the subject people, and above all the reasons for the victory of Islam.

NEW Movie script on Mohammed PBUH* - the founder of Islam

The Jihad against the Human Race launched by the sub-human mindset of Mohammed-ibn-abdallah S.A.W. (PBUH*) in the year 622, is now entering its most bloodied phase. A phase that will see not the towers of severed non-Muslim heads rendered by the blades of Muslim swords, but the vaporization of Muslims by the millions with a single series of strikes by non-Muslim nuclear and neutron bombs. Islam will soon undergo a trail-by-fire.

The 21st century is payback time for the Muslims. The crimes against humanity committed by Muslims in the last 14 centuries, will be paid back with due premium and without any compassion. The last chapter in the history of Islam will be written with blood and death, the only difference now will be that it will be the blood and death of millions of Muslims, till the human race is finally cured of this scourge of Islam, and can then collect itself once again to continue its march on the path of progress, unhindered by mental prisons like Islam, or by any other form of religious fanaticism, or for that matter by any religion whatsoever.

This site is dedicated to frank and fearless reporting and commenting to expose the Islamic Jihad

The History of Jihad site is brought to you by a panel of contributors. This site is co-ordinated by Robin MacArthur with Mahomet Mostapha and Naim al Khoury, New Jersey.

Other contributors to this site include professors and members of the faculty from the Universities of Stanford and Michigan (Ann Arbor), Kansas State University, Ohio State University, and the London School of Economics. We strongly suggest that this site be recommended as additional reading for students of Islamic History.

We also invite students and professors of this subject to mirror this site on your University or private servers, link it up from your sites, to print it as a non-profit publication and refer it to students, journalists, cinematographers, military personnel, members of both houses of Congress, and Parliamentarians from your countries, members of the judiciary and most importantly to officers of the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, MI5, Mossad, FSB (Russian Secret Police) Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) and to all other stakeholders in the subjects of the Islam and the Jihad.


How the Jihad originated 1400 years back and how the nature and idol-worshipping pre Muslim Arabs were the first nation to be traumatized by Islam. The Arabs being the only nation who were not given the choice of paying Jaziya and remaining non-Muslim, a courtesy extended later to all non-Muslims. The choice for the nature and idol-worshipping pre Muslim Arabs was only Islam or Death. Hence there are no surviving nature and idol-worshipping non-Muslim Arabs today. A point missed by many Arab and Western historians.


Al-Mawardi (d. 1058), a renowned jurist of Baghdad, in The Laws of Islamic Governance states the critical connection between jihad and payment of the jizya. He notes that “The enemy makes a payment in return for temporary peace and reconciliation.” Al-Mawardi then distinguishes two cases: Primarily, payment is made immediately and is treated like booty. Secondly, payment is made yearly and will “constitute an ongoing tribute by which their security is established". If the payment ceases, then the jihad resumes. He adds “it does, however, not prevent a jihad being carried out against the infidels in the future for converting them to Islam, in spite of their having paid the jizya.”


The evaluation of Mohammed by Yusuf Islam, an ex-Muslim

* Mohammed lived in Arabia in the 7th century C.E.
* Arabian society was predominately Pagan but ever increasing numbers were embracing Christianity.
* Pagan traders and caravan owners owned most of the wealth. The masses of people were poor.
* Slavery had been institutionalized from time immemorial and was common worldwide.
* The Christian message was being spread out from the Holy Land by Christians friars.


Before the idea crosses your mind that we are trying to defame the holy(sic@#$%^) Prophet, please realize that we are paying him a tribute with this portrait of his by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.

Mohammed in real life was far more murderous than this portrait might suggest. He was a pioneer in mass murder, lecherous incest and mind-numbing torture. Hence this relatively ‘humane’ looking portrait of this heinous ghoul Mohammed is in fact our tribute to him. Amen.


* The Roman empire’s area of influence was increasingly becoming Christian.
* Slavery was anathema to Christians and Jews.
* A slave was never allowed to rest. Slaves worked from sunrise to sunset and more.
* There was a small minority of Jewish traders and businessmen living in Arabia.
* Jews did not preach their religion while Christians eagerly spread their message.
* Jesus’ followers like Peter and Saul (Paul) were Jews who exported Judaism (in its Christian form) to the Gentiles or non Jews.
* Both Jews and Christians obey the 10 commandments of God.
* There were no newspapers, radio, television, telephone or Internet.
* Slavery was anathema to Jews because their forefathers had been enslaved.
* Ever since that, they were the only slave free race on the planet.
* Christianity held massive appeal for serfs and slaves because of it's "love thy neighbor" morality.


The lecherous murderer Mohammed’s first object of hatred was women. He hated independence for women. Pre-Islamic Arabic women never wore the Hijab (cloak) or Nikab (mask). It was the sick mind of this mass murderer that forced these practices on Muslim ladies and pushed them in to a zenana (Ladies quarters)

Illustration courtesy: Jyllands-Posten – a Danish daily newspaper


* Slaves became Christians in droves. They looked to Christ as their Redeemer.
* This posed a serious threat to pagan slave owners and dealers.
* Pagans worshipped many Gods such as the Sun, Lightning, Fire etc.
* There were many rich women in Arabic society until Mohammed gained control.
* Women always enjoyed equal status with men until Mohammed prevailed.
* Mohammed, who never knew his father, was sexually violated (sodomized) as a youth.
* He held a grudge against everyone and took up the vocation as a slave trader.
* He made his money by buying and selling humans of all ages and race.
* Young strong slaves made good money for Mohammed. He sold young girls for sexual exploitation in Harems.


An artist’s illustration of how Mohammed suffered from epileptic fits and hallucinated that an angel was reciting him the Quran – the Instruction Manual of Hate, Murder and Terror.

This portrait of his is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* Young male slaves were castrated and used for housework. Old and infirm were cheap and expendable.
* When they could no longer work they were killed off like old dogs.
* This was Mohammed’s business. This was how the false and heinous prophet-to-be made his money.
* This was the barbaric way of life that he was determined to preserve from the threat of Christianity.
* Although illiterate, he was a shrewd businessman who married his boss, an rich widow who was older than him by many years.
* He despised her with a vengeance. But when she died, he inherited all her wealth.
* He went on to have 13 wives and many concubines, whom he treated as personal property.


An artist’s illustration of how Mohammed’s followers covered him with a blanket when he suffered epileptic fits. Shrewd man that he was, Mohammed took advantage of this weakness of his, using which he fooled the pre-Muslim Arabs telling them that an angel was communicating with him during these fits!

This portrait of his is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* Mohammed's youngest wife Ayesha, was only 6 years old when he engaged her and 9 years old when he married her and consummated their ‘marriage’!
* He bought her from her parents place because she was beautiful even as a child.
* He clearly had a voracious sexual appetite and was well known to be promiscuous.
* His life revolved around his harem, his slaves, battles and fooling people which his talk of god and satan.
* He always carried a knife or a sword. He killed many of his enemies by his own hand (a la Zarqawi who along with the accursed Mohammed is enjoying the Houris in Jan’aat - the Muslim heaven).


An artist’s illustration of one of Mohammed’s stupidities that are parroted by Muslims as the gospel truth. A Muslim has one intestine while a non-Muslim has seven!

As proof the Quran tells the Muslims to eat in a crouching position! So sitting on a chair at a dinning table is haram – sacrilegious for a Muslim!

Well, we are not so sure about the intestines part, but going by their behavior, Muslims certainly have no brains!

This a portrait by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* Mohammed personally abused, castrated, flogged and killed rebellious slaves.
* Through his brigandage, he became very rich and influential.
* His ideals of human rights extended only to his own faithful followers of Islamic brotherhood (Ummah).
* All infidels or non-Muslims were fair game for conquest or enslavement.
* He began to claim he was in direct personal contact with some god.
* There are good and bad persons in every society. Like Hitler, Mohammed courted those who were bad and evil like him.
* He commanded his faithful followers and associates to believe him without questioning his quthority.
* Mohammed put his evil band made up of Ali, Umar and the like in control of his society.
* He dictated his God's words, whom he called Allah, and ordered his followers to memorize these words.
* He borrowed some Jewish and Christian doctrines and combined them with his brand of depravity.
* It was a pick and mix of the good with the bad and he called it Islam.
* Islam means submission of Kafirs to the will of the Muslims of women to the will of their fathers, husbands sons and sons-in-law.
* It is clear today for all to see and experience that evil that Islam represents.
* All Islamic women, our mothers and sisters, live a life of extreme fear.
* He called it a new religion and proclaimed himself god's prophet.
* He nominated one deity, Allah, as his god, emphasizing Allah as the one true god(sic).


An artist’s illustration of another of Mohammed’s stupidities that Muslims should not pray looking upwards at the heavens. If they do so, they will lose their eyes.

So Muslims pray with their backsides lifted heavenwards!

This portrait is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* This Muslim god(sic) allah was not to be confused with the Jewish or Christian God.
* Those baser male elements in Arabia embraced his philosophy.
* He offered them a life style they craved in the name of allah, their single new god(sic).
* The decent people were silenced, murdered, maimed or fled outside Arabia.
* Our ancestors were murdered if they were not with him.
* Those who rejected him were vanquished in wars he provoked and won.
* By deceit and ambush he captured his opponents and beheaded the men.
* He subjugated the cultured peoples of Mecca and Arabia and made it a land of fear.
* His followers terrorized the surrounding lands and one by one subjugated them.
* Conquered people either became Muslim or died. Millions chose to die.


An artist’s illustration of the more evident of Mohammed’s stupidities that the Sun disappears into a Mud Pond every night! The Mud Pond is in fact symbolic of the cesspool of brainlessness that characterizes a person, if he or she decides to become a Muslim.

This portrait of his is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* The best people died because they would not accept him this evil man as their leader.
* Centuries of Arabian learning and culture was burned and destroyed.
* Arabia, that had been the crossroads of the world since the days of Babylon, became a no go zone.
* Egypt's Pharisaic history and culture was plundered and lost in the turmoil.
* Museums, libraries and universities of learning were burned.
* Mohammed's Koran was to be the only book allowed to the people.
* North Africa suffered a similar fate all the way to Morocco.
* The ancient cultures of Babylon, Egypt and Persia were destroyed in the initial upheaval.
* Fear ruled the lands as his bloodthirsty followers spread his murder cult after his death.


An artist’s illustration of the most popular of Mohammed’s stupidities of drinking camel urine. Yuck!

This portrait of his is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* Mohammed became a successful warlord and ruled his followers with an iron fist.
* The slightest dissent to was deemed blasphemy, demanding death.
* He hijacked the Jewish Bible proclaiming himself as the latest and greatest prophet(sic) of the book.
* Then he acted in flagrant contradiction of those books.
* He enlisted Jesus, the Christ as another prophet, but he put Jesus to the back of the class.
* The slave trader placed himself above Jesus.
* Christ had promised to send a comforter and Mohammed claimed to be this man.
* Christ also said there would come an Anti-Christ (which is what Mohammed actually was).
* Mohammed was bitterly hated by large sections of an advanced Arabian society.
* He led his followers in battle until he established himself by conquest over other Arabs.
* He terrorized the vanquished and beheaded thousands of captives, enslaving their children.
* His new religion held great appeal to many criminals and he promoted this religion by his own criminal deeds.
* The position of women was reduced to the status of little more than slaves.
* Any Islamic born person who denounced his religion was put to death for blasphemy.
* Once he established himself, the same fate was assured for any person who denounced him.


An artist’s illustration of the most ludicrous of Mohammed’s stupidities that the shaitan (satan) pees into the ears of those who fall asleep during Ibadat/Salat (Muslim prayer)!

This portrait is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* To even question the false prophet Mohammed was blasphemy and invited death.
* He instilled fear in everyone. His Mullahs do it today in his name by his Shariah laws.
* The same applies to Salman Rushdie, Taslema Nasreen, Ibn Warraq who are but few well known examples.
* The dissenters were to become dead apostates. Islam consumes its dissenters and there were many initially.
* Every Islamic country in the world is ruled by extreme fear.
* The moral adherents of his religion who doubted his piety always remained silent.
* The clerics and mullahs would be the interpreters and judges of all, in his name.
* Islam held massive appeal to Arab male chauvinists because in pre-Islamic Arabia, women were more influential than men financially.
* There were many men who resented the influence of powerful women.
* This base and immoral man Mohammed had criminals as his most ardent believers and later, as his worshippers.
* His was a male dominated religion. Every man was a king in his own home.


An artist’s illustration of the most hilarious example of Mohammed’s preaching. Do not yawn, do not eat ginger garlic before prayer! Huh!

This portrait is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* Women lost all rights, all their property, and became servants of menfolk.
* No woman would ever raise her voice to a man in future.
* They would have to hide behind a veil. They would have to walk behind their man.
* They would have to endure any chastisement or even death without protest.
* The tragedy was that many terrified women accepted their lot in the name of a fictitious allah.
* Women in Islam, would survive only as home makers and sex objects for their man.
* Produce his offspring, make his bed and cook his food.
* This was their destiny, negotiated by Mohammed with Allah, his self proclaimed false prophet.
* A false prophet who was a murderer, a slave trader and a sexually deviant psychopath.
* Mohammed was like Hitler, who plunged the world into a war without end for the Reich,
* Mohammed plunged a cultured Middle East into war, darkness and fear in the name of a fictitious allah.


An artist’s illustration of how the simplest things frightened the prophet of allah!

This portrait of his is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* His own people suffered more than anyone. Women were reduced to low status.
* A minority of rich men had it all. Land, palaces, slaves and harems.
* He directed his faithful to proclaim their Religion aloud for all to see.
* He told them to face his birth place in Mecca and prostrate themselves to an imaginary allah.
* He retained the Kabba, an ancient and sacred pre-Islamic temple, as the focus of his new religion.
* He prayed to Allah in the desecrated Temples and Synagogues of his defeated victims
* His followers and imitators have been repeating this practice worldwide ever since.
* Muslims prefer to use other faiths' churches (Hagia Sophia at Istanbul), synagogues (Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem) temples (Babri Mosque in India) as their mosques to assert their superiority over there defeated victims.
* Mohammed set the trend for this by literally dancing on his detractors graves and corpses.
* The prayer is always the same incantation that allah is the only god and that accursed Mohammed is his prophet; ad absurdum.
* Mohammed cloaked a dark Satanic force with an aura of Godliness.
* His religion had no Sabbath for non-Muslims (Kafirs) because slaves never had free time.
* The Muslim male goes to pray to Allah while the woman and his slaves work.


An artist’s illustration of how lustful and debaucherous the prophet of allah was. Engaging a kid for wedlock when she was six and consummating the marriage when she was nine!

This portrait of his is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com.


* Mohammed maintained a luxury harem which is emulated by rich Muslims ever since.
* His faithful prostrate and pray in an outward show of godliness five times daily.
* Their lives revolve around this daily ritual of washing and praying.
* They fast during the daytime for the month of Ramadan, then party all night.
* They give charity of one fortieth of their income to the poor. Both of which are religious pretenses to keep the flock together.
* Mohammed harnessed the word Religion with evil.
* He was the Antichrist, foreseen by Christ, who put Christ behind himself.
* Mohammed misused the Bible by adding his verses of evil sadism.
* An outward show of goodness masked the evil, lurking in his followers.
* He was poisoned by one of the women he violated and he died in well-deserved agony.
* After his death the band of gangsters who followed him spread his murderous cult by the sword. People converted or died.
* The easiest way to get rich was to kill non Muslims and take their wealth and women.
* That is how Islam spread from Mecca, all in the name of a fictitious allah and the accursed Mohammed.
* Judaism, a brotherhood of freed slaves with their sacred Sabbath, was his avowed enemy.


An artist’s illustration of how the prophet of allah had an apartheid mentality with regard to skin color. This is why the Arabs refer to the Africans as Abid (black) and played an active role in enslaving the Africans, centuries before the European Slave traders learnt this despicable practice from the Muslims. And even then, it was the Arab slave traders who gave the African captives to the Europeans to be loaded on to the slave ships bound for the New World

This portrait of his is by Abdullah Aziz (Praise be to him) of http://www.islamcomicbook.com/terms.htm.


* Mohammed hated Judaism because Judaism wanted to free the world of slavery and liberate women,
* Mohammed wanted the Jews and their religion to be destroyed forever.
* Because of this, the Jews of Arabia who survived Muslim onslaughts fled their homelands.
* While rich power hungry Muslims indulged in orgies on earth,
* Mohammed’s base lascivious instincts were reflected in Muslim ideas of Heaven. Heaven was portrayed as a lavish harem, a sweet dream to a gullible fanatical believer.
* Beautiful virgins waiting on his every sexual need, smelling of perfume and singing sweet songs.
* Such a promised reward in Heaven was assured to a martyr for Islam.
* This was how Mohammed pandered to fools who believed his lies.
* Islam spread by conquest to the Levant, to Africa, to Europe, to India and China over the next few centuries.
* The Caliphs and Mullahs looted and raped the world in the name of Allah.
* Muslim womenfolk were silenced and moral men dared not to speak out.
* The old established Arab civilizations were buried under the fear of repression.
* Arab Muslims in Africa captured black Africans, even black Muslims (remember Darfur) and sold them to slave traders.
* No fellow Muslim brother could be sold into slavery
* Countless black African slaves were bought into the Muslim world for exploitation These atrocities went unreported.
* They had no one to defend them or record their tormented lives.
* They were killed off like dogs when they became too old or unable to work.
* This trade goes on even today although unrecorded and unreported.


Islam has motivated its murderous hordes of Jihadis by promising the carnal pleasure of having the womenfolk of the defeated non-Muslims all for themselves after they had slaughtered all the non-Muslim menfolk. But what about those Muslims who themselves died in battle. Nothing to worry, said the lecherous rouge Mohammed - you will have 72 houris (virgins) waiting for you in heaven.

But now with so many suicide (genocide bombers), even those 72 virgins would not be sufficient to satisfy the carnal lust of those who in their sick imagination fantasize that they would be lining up the hellish Muslim heaven to satisfy their lust after their heinous deeds of mass murder on earth.


* Muslim slave traders deal in slaves in Africa even today (remember Darfur). Arab and African Muslims buy them for work or sex.
* In the 18th and 19th centuries traders bought slaves in the coastal markets for shipment to the Americas.
* Most Europeans were Christian and despised the slave trade. It was unchristian. Abraham Lincoln was one of such Christian who fought a Civil War to abolish Slavery.
* Slaves could only be sold in far off lands and were controlled by greedy landowners.
* Christian America went to war with itself to free the slaves.
* Without Islam these traders could never capture slaves. Islamic North Africa promoted slavery.
* Muslim dealers captured and brought the African slaves to the marketplace for sale.
* Christianity was the only hope and the reason for the survival of black American slaves.
* Christianity gave them hope of a Redeemer. That is why they embraced it.
* Islam survived in a closed society in the Middle East where Infidels or non Muslims were unwelcome.
* The history books were destroyed and no records kept of Muslim abominations and atrocities.


A horny Mohammed - literally. No pun on the word "horny"!! We are referring to the horns that can be seen here, through his halo. This paranoid debaucher and mass murderer Mohammed has spawned the devilish murder cult of Islam, so it is in the fitness of things that he is bequeathed at least a pair of horns, if nothing else!


* Today the meaning of Islam is exposed to the outside world by modern technology.
* The Mullahs in Arab lands and Taliban mullahs outlaw T.V and the Internet.
* The truth is twisted and they talk piously about morality and charity and the Koran.
* The exposure of the truth about Mohammed and the depravity of his lifestyle is impossible to justify.
* The fundamentalists seek to destroy all attempts at analyzing Islam and exposing the base instincts of Mohammed.
* They project him as a holy and peaceful man who always washed and prayed.
* They cannot allow their own people to debate the issues because many decent people would reject him.
* Muslims have lived in a clouded world since the rise to power of the Satanic prophet and warlord.
* Mohammed promoted two main goals. Total subordination of women and legitimizing of slavery.
* These twin evils were shrouded in prayers to an allah and packaged as religion, to legitimize them.
* The bearded Mullahs and clerics, in the image of the asinine Mohammed, rule their own households like tyrants.
* They assault or kill their womenfolk for disobedience. Nobody would dare admonish them.
* Many have slave labor inside their high walls. They rule the Islamic world like demons.
* These are the Fundamentalists who direct the Jihad as they try to emulate the prophet in war.
* Muslim mullahs are fiercely defensive of their religion because deep down they know that Islam is an immoral sham.
* That is why they go to such lengths of moralizing on trivial details while ignoring the evil that is the core of Islam – murder, rape, cruelty, terrorism, sadism.
* It is impossible to defend the subjugation of women or condone slavery, without calling it a religion. That is precisely what Islam has done – given a veneer of religion to all depravities.
* Because it is their religion, therefore it is right and proper for them to live like murderers and terrorists. That is the logic of murder and sadism in Islam.
* Muslims do it in the name of a god but who in fact is Satan in disguise. These mongrels will defend Islam to their death.
* The decent people caught up in Islam are cowed down and afraid to speak out.
* Fear rules our lands.


There are different ways for using one's head. Mohammed (Yimach Shmo - may his name and memory be obliterated) the founding father of the murder cult called Islam would have used his to don a bomb, as he is shown doing here, and as the suicide (genocide) bombers do today, invoking his accursed name.

Such is the blood-thirsty legacy of Mohammed - the devil of the head-sawing Infidels.


* The very sign of Mohammed is darkness, indicated by the crescent moon.
* The dogs of war with their goatee beards are ready to silence any dissenter with guns or daggers.
* All decent Muslims (who secretly reject the murderous message of the Quran) live a life of fear of ever showing doubt or denial.
* All Muslim women live out their lives unable to express their feelings.
* The ones who did express them have all been murdered or maimed.
* The real victims of Mohammed's evil are his own followers.
* We must confront these dogs and the Internet is the way forward. Use it wisely, bravely and quickly.
* Because of Islam, love has been replaced by lust and family life replaced by patriarchal control.
* There are no winners. Satan takes all.

* Yusuf Islam created this site in memory of the many victims of this terrible evil and repents every hour of every day left to him for his sins and the sins of his fathers. He made this site to show his brothers and sisters how the evil one deceived our forefathers in sweet Arabia. My mother and sisters I love dearly but I can see that they have no life and little love. I have witnessed the evil of Islam in my own family as my father is a cleric who is always correct in the name of allah. We must repent before we are all committed to a hell on the world over under Islamic tyranny. We the good people in the Muslim world and our women before we are all dragged into Hell, along with the dogs, like my father, who control our society and culture. Muhammad is down there waiting to have us all again forever in his evil hell fire grip. Peace be upon us and Satan on him.



* For those uninitiated, PBUH expands to Perpetual Battle Upon Hagarism (Islam) – founded by the mass-murderer and pedophile pretender prophet Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah (Yimach Shmo – May his name and memory be obliterated).


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Unfortunately for humankind, the end of the death-seeking fiery cult of Islam can only come about through a fiery death-giving weapon. Ironically such nuclear mushroom clouds would be the blazing hell-fire that the Quran talks about and acknowledges will bring about an end to Islam such that there will be no one across the globe to say “Lah ilah il Allah, Mohammed ur Rasoolallah” (There is no god but allah and Mohammed is his prophet).


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