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This site brings you the history of the Islamic Jihad from its beginnings at Mecca in 620 C.E. up to 9/11, and the lessons it has for us in today�s challenging times. If we are to understand Islam, we need to understand the temperament of its founder Mohammed (PBUH*), the way victorious Muslims have treated the subject people, and above all the reasons for the victory of Islam thus far in the JIHAD.

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What is Jihad: The Arabic word Jihad is derived from the root word Jahada (struggle). Jihad has come to mean an offensive war to be waged by Muslims against all non-Muslims to convert them to Islam on the pain of death. Jihad is enjoined on all Muslims by the Quran.

This site brings you the history of the Islamic Jihad from a neutral and factual viewpoint.

Outlook of this website:

This site is against all forms of fanaticism � religious and non-religious. But the emotional appeal of non-religious fanaticism like Nazism, Fascism or Communism is not as pervasive as that of fanaticism based on religion. When fanaticism and religion are mixed, we have a very potent and dangerous brew that can sustain itself for centuries unlike non-religious fanaticisms like Nazism and Communism which die out when the ringleaders are defeated. This is so, since religion is based on the psychological weakness of all humans, when we humans try to comprehend the unknown (universe). This understanding is (and perhaps will always remain) incomplete.

Religion tries to complete this incompleteness by fantasizing that the unknown is a god and that this god is the creator of all things that happen in this world and the universe. This idea that there is a god, which is assumed to be the unknown power in the universe makes the human mind paranoid because of our fear of the unknown. And this paranoia drives humans to do anything to propitiate this unknown power that is assumed to exist. This is what transforms this weakness of our human mind into a sickness. It is this sickness of the mind that drives humans to undertake wild acts like suicide bombings, fight holy wars, forced conversion, slaughter of humans who give a different name to this assumed power called god, etc, under the delusion of trying to please the unknown power that is assumed to be behind all existence.

While all forms of religious fanaticism are negative, only Islam raises slaughter of all Kafirs (non-Muslims) to a holy creed, it teaches Muslims to gloat over the killing of non-Muslims and celebrate their death. Hence Islam is the most demented and dangerous form of religious fanaticism. And it is not Islamic fanaticism that is to be blamed for this, as Islam itself is fanaticism.

From its root to its fruit Islam is the most violent, and virulent form of this delusion that the unknown universe is a god and all those who do not accept this brand of fantasizing of the unknown universe have to be slaughtered. This is so since Islamic fanaticism was born in a barren and harsh desert environment that gave birth to the paranoid mentality of the Bedouin Arabs among whom was born Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated), the founder of this blood-thirsty creed � Islam.

This blood-thirsty Muslim mentality has trickled down to the newest convert to Islam be he or she Brown Black, Yellow or White. Most importantly it makes Islam the worst enemy of quest and science and of all human progress. While all religions are opposed to science as the Pope was to Galileo and Copernicus; but it is Islam which is the most blood-thirsty expression of this challenge of religion to reason. So Islam will have to be the first to be removed from the path of human progress and the reply to Islam to be effective would have to be more blood-thirsty and paranoid than Islam itself.

Those opposed to Islam will have to be like the hunter who aims his rifle between the eyes of the man-eater tiger and shoots till the tiger is dead meat. The hunter bears no enmity with the tiger, but shoots him dispassionately, so that he himself can live, and NOT end up by becoming the dinner of the man-eater.

This has to be the attitude, not based on a hate of Islam, but a determination to put a full and final end to Islam, so that Human society can progress without the hindrance of any religion obstructing its path.

After Islam is militarily defeated and then destroyed; the need of the day would be to come up with workable creative ideas, for brainwashing the remaining religious fanatics with techniques like anesthesia leading to amnesia and re-education of such brainwashed ex-religious fanatics; or the use of mass lobotomy to achieve the same result. Only such a technique could prevent religious fanaticism from being resurrected with a name other than Islam and insure the progress of human civilization without any obstacle from any religion.

To summarize, the religious outlook that claims to "know the unknown", as a god, allah, etc., is a sub-optimal human response (and so is a sub-human response). Violent monotheism is a criminal response which has brought our world to where it is today, post 11th September.

The need of our age is to start with the destruction of the most blood-thirsty form of religious fanaticism � Islam, followed up with the dovetailing of all other forms of religious fanaticism so that they move over and make way for rational-humanism. To make it more subtle; the need is for religion and religious fanaticism to move out of human minds and be replaced by rational-humanism.

Our maintaining this site, is our contribution for working towards this objective.

Chronological Jihads

The Jihad against Arabs (622 to 634)

The Jihad against Zoroastrian Persians of Iran, Baluchistan and Afghanistan (634 to 651)

The Jihad against the Byzantine Christians (634 to 1453)

The Jihad against Christian Coptic Egyptians (640 to 655)

The Jihad against Christian Coptic Nubians - modern Sudanese (650)

The Jihad against pagan Berbers - North Africans (650 to 700)

The Jihad against Spaniards (711 to 730)

The Reconquista against Jihad in Spain (730 to 1492)

The Jihad against Franks - modern French (720 to 732)

The Jihad against Sicilians in Italy (812 to 940)

The Jihad against Chinese (751)

The Jihad against Turks (651 to 751)

The Jihad against Armenians and Georgians (1071 to 1920)

The Crusade against Jihad (1096 � 1291 ongoing)

The Jihad against Mongols (1260 to 1300)

The Jihad against Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (638 to 1857)

The Jihad against Indonesians and Malays (1450 to 1500)

The Jihad against Poland (1444 to 1699)

The Jihad against Rumania (1350 to 1699)

The Jihad against Russia (1500 to 1853)

The Jihad against Bulgaria (1350 to 1843)

The Jihad against Serbs, Croats and Albanians (1334 to 1920)

The Jihad against Greeks (1450 to 1853)

The Jihad against Albania (1332 - 1853)

The Jihad against Croatia (1389 to 1843)

The Jihad against Hungarians (1500 to 1683)

The Jihad against Austrians (1683)

Jihad in the Modern Age (20th and 21st Centuries)

The Jihad against Israelis (1948 � 2004 ongoing)

The Jihad against Americans (9/11/2001)

The Jihad against the British (1947 onwards)

The Jihad against Denmark (2005 cartoon controversy onwards)

The Jihad against the Filipinos in Mindanao(1970 onwards)

The Jihad against Indonesian Christians in Malaku and East Timor (1970 onwards)

The Jihad against Russians (1995 onwards)

The Jihad against Dutch and Belgians (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Norwegians and Swedes (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Thais (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Nigerians (1965 onwards)

The Jihad against Canadians (2001 onwards)

The Jihad against Latin America (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Australia (2002 onwards)

The Global Jihad today (2001 � ongoing)

The War on Terror against Jihad today (2001� ongoing)

The Vision for the post-Islamic (and post-religious) world

History of Jihad against the Human Race (622 - ongoing)

This site is dedicated to frank and fearless reporting and commenting to expose the Islamic Jihad

This site brings you the history of the Islamic Jihad from its beginnings at Mecca in 620 C.E. up to 9/11, and the lessons it has for us in today’s challenging times. If we are to understand Islam, we need to understand the temperament of its founder Mohammed (PBUH*), the way victorious Muslims have treated the subject people, and above all the reasons for

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The History of Jihad site is brought to you by a panel of contributors. This site is co-ordinated by Robin MacArthur with Mahomet Mostapha and Naim al Khoury, New Jersey.

Other contributors to this site include professors and members of the faculty from the Universities of Stanford and Michigan (Ann Arbor), Kansas State University, Ohio State University, and the London School of Economics. We strongly suggest that this site be recommended as additional reading for students of Islamic History.

We also invite students and professors of this subject to mirror this site on your University or private servers, link it up from your sites, to print it as a non-profit publication and refer it to students, journalists, cinematographers, military personnel, members of both houses of Congress, and Parliamentarians from your countries, members of the judiciary and most importantly to officers of the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, MI5, Mossad, FSB (Russian Secret Police) Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure (DGSE) and to all other stakeholders in the subjects of the Islam and the Jihad.


The Jihad against the Human Race launched by the sub-human mindset of Mohammed-ibn-abadallah the accursed founder of Islam (yimach Shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated), in the year 622, is now entering its most bloodied phase. A phase that will see not the towers of severed non-Muslim heads rendered by the blades of Muslim swords, but the vaporization of Muslims by the millions with a single series of strikes by non-Muslim nuclear and neutron bombs. Islam will soon undergo a trail-by-fire. The 21st century is payback time for the Muslims. The crimes against humanity committed by Muslims in the last 14 centries, will be paid back with due premium and without any compassion. The last chapter in the history of Islam will be written with blood and death, the only difference now will be that it will be the blood and death of millions of Muslims, till the human race is finally cured of this scourge of Islam, and can then collect itself once again to continue its march on the path of progress, unhindered by mental prisons like Islam, or by any other form of religious fanaticism, or for that matter by any religion whatsoever.


Mahathir Mohammad, former president of Malaysia declared at the opening of the 10th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference at Putrajaya on Oct 16, 2003: We need guns and rockets, bombs and warplanes, tanks and warships. We may want to recreate the first century of the Hijrah, the way of life in those times, in order to practice what we think to be the true Islamic way of life. The1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews. There must be a way. And we can only find a way if we stop to think, to assess our weaknesses and our strength, to plan, to strategize and then to counter-attack. As Muslims, we must seek guidance from the Al-Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Surely the 23 years struggle of the Prophet can provide us with some guidance as to what we can and should do.


Why do Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs fight each other?

We see that Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus all clash among each other. They have political grievances against each other. They fight for land. They fight for converting the other to one’s faith. They are natural enemies of each other, dividing the human race into warring factions that are perpetually fighting to each other creating holy wars, border territorial disputes, communal conflicts in civil life and now global terrorism.


A person jumping off from the Twin Towers on 9/11 to save himself from the flaming inferno to certain death on the ground below! The shape of things to come in the future, if we do not wake-up to the danger that Islam presents and destroy Islam before it destroys civilization. late.


Why do professional (scientific) denominations like Doctors and Lawyers NOT fight each other?

Why is it that doctors, do not fight lawyers in the manner in which Muslim fight Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. Or for that matter why is it that no professional denominations fight each other as members of different professions. They may still fight against each other, as Muslim doctors may fight against Jewish lawyers, but here we have Muslim fighting Jews and not doctors fighting lawyers.

Why does religion motivate humans to fight other humans, while science motivates people to live with each other and fight the challenges of nature instead of fighting with each other?

This is a profound question, which the authors of this webpage have not encountered anywhere so far. So we make an attempt to answer this question here. An attempt that strikes at the very root of the Quran, the Injil (Bible), the Tureth (Torah), the Bhagvad Geeta, the Guru Granth Sahib, and all other religious texts.

An answer that will be found offensive by the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Sikhs, and all other religious denominations all of which account for nearly 100% of the human species. Since very few humans declare themselves to be atheists, we take it that the nearly the entire human race is religious.



Religion is an emotion which is a dead-end and a roadblock to free-thinking and growth of knowledge.

Although we know that this is far from the truth, and many enlightened folks, have cast off religion, but would not admit to having done so, as that would make them, apostates(ex-Christians), murtads (ex-Muslims), pakhandis (ex-Hindus), tankhaiyas (ex-Sikhs). Such humans would also be targeted for social boycott and in the case of ex-Muslim, targets for assassination and murder by the Muslims. This and this alone accounts for the silence of those who have abjured all religion.

Again while all religions are organized into communities, the atheists are not. Humanist-Atheists are spread disparately across the world, and are found wherever the human spirit of quest has overcome the sub-human instinct of faith - an instinct bred by fear of the unknown and a desire to survive the challenges of life, an instinct that we have inherited from the lower animals.

It is Faith that originates from the human fear of the unknown that gives birth to religion in Man. Religion is an emotion which is a dead-end and a roadblock to free-thinking and growth of knowledge. As against this, Quest gets integrated into a thought process which is an open-ended path and gives birth to knowledge and science.

Why do we have religious fanaticism, but no professional or scientific fanaticism? Why are there fanatic Muslims, fanatic Christians, fanatic Hindus, but no fanatic doctors and fanatic lawyers?

All religions are based on fear of the unknown. While fear of the known can intimidate, like the fear of a stronger bully, fear of the law, etc., the fear of an unknown illusory power that is assumed to exist, can drive the victims of this fear to any paranoia in order to please that assumed illusory power. We find many religious people saying, “We fear nobody but god.” What they are telling you is that they have totally subsumed their existence to that power, in fact to those who represent that power in society - the priests, the Rabbis, Bishops, Cardinals, Popes, Maulavis, Pundits, Gurus of different religions.



With this kind of subsuming of personal human intellectual discretion at the altar of an overpowering fear of an illusory unknown power that is assumed to exist, all human reasoning ends. What remains is an unthinking and mindless desire to do anything to please that power, through the word of Messiahs, Prophets, Avatars, Deities, etc.

Emotion along with Denial of Quest is at the root of religious existence, while Quest is the overpowering instinct at the root of all science which makes us professionals of different denominations. Thinking intellectuals will not fight for no reason, while mindless robotic crowds at the mercy and command of religious preachers can do anything against others.

Hence we find religious people considering theirs to be the only right religion and all others to be on the wrong path, to be either converted or terrorized or even killed.

Why does no profession say that it alone is the right profession and all other professions are wrong.

Why does no profession, say that it alone is the right profession and all other professions are wrong, and that all doctors will have to become lawyers, or else the doctors will kill the lawyers who refuse to become doctors! The answer lies in the fact that while thinking makes people into professionals and scientists, the lack of and the ban on thinking makes people religious, as Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews or whatever else.



Dogs and horses do not become doctors or lawyers, neither do they become Muslims and Christians to fight each other

We the human species are different from the animal kingdom, since we alone have the capability to think, to abstract from the reality we perceive and try to visualize beyond it. This ironically leads to the birth of both science and religion. Animals have no science nor religion in them. So dogs and horses do not become doctors or lawyers, neither do they become Muslims and Christians and fight each other!

In the natural world, we see different species fighting against each other in the race for survival. In this race tigers hunt, buffaloes, zebras, etc, Crocodiles hunt any prey that comes their way. In this scenario we also see tigers fighting amongst themselves for their rights over a mate or over sharing the kill. But none of them have been ingenious enough like humans to start off an enduring fight restricted exclusively to their own species that is hell-bent on self-destruction of their own species.

If tigers or horses, or any other species could think, then for them it would be a confusing sight to see that another species is engaged in fighting itself to its own destruction. For that matter, if we humans come across a species that is engaged not in fighting other species in the race for survival, but has taken upon itself the task to self destruct through killing other members of the same species, it would indeed by confusing for the other species who would watch this fight and think (wonder) what bee has bitten this species that instead of fighting for its survival, as per the law of nature, it is bent on destroying itself.

If we as humans see that all tigers in the world have banded themselves into two or more camps, and are no longer interested in hunting horses zebras, etc., but are solely interested in killing other tigers, then that scenario would be unnatural and indeed surprising.



Since in the history of evolution of life forms, no species has fought for its own self-destruction as we humans are doing.

This is especially dangerous, since today we have the capability to self-destruct all across this planet, and in the process also destroy all other life forms - birds animals and vegetation!! So it becomes more than necessary to hold back this self-destructive tendency in humans that is bred by religion, and religious fanaticism, of which the most blood-thirsty expression is Islam.

The struggle of opposites and the seeds of self-destruction in the process of evolution

Sometimes we wonder, if the evolution of the human species has come to a stage that it has no other option but to self-destruct. Some of us who adhere to the principle of the struggle of opposing forces in social sciences (which has an equivalent in Physics in the theorem ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’). We know that every social structure has within its process of evolution seeds of its own destruction, through the struggle of forces that oppose each other.

While Animals are not capable of thinking beyond their next meal. We humans are capable of thinking beyond our own survival, we have been marveling at the wonders of nature, like the sunrises, sunsets, thunder, lightning, volcanic eruptions, and unlike animals who were just afraid of such frightening occurrences, we have also wondered why they happened.

We rationalized our fears of such events by imagining that there is ‘some power’ behind these occurrences. And we started efforts for winning favors from this ‘power’ by praying before it. The fear of the unknown thus had a firm grip on our minds, a grip so strong that it could embed any thought if it was invoked in the name of this assumed ‘power’. People were ready to die and kill from times immemorial in the name of this ‘power’. This divided humankind into warring camps.

Divisions that were due to reasons like turf issues like sharing of the hunting grounds (as animals also do) sharing of farmlands, etc were legitimized by using the different methods of worship leading to holy wars and Jihads. Religion is used to add legitimacy too all territorial disputes in human history like in Israel, Kashmir, Mindanao, Chechnya, Kosovo, Eritrea, Malaku, etc. Religion was also used for many military campaigns of empires against each other after monotheistic religions came in to existence.

Such disputes which would have anyway existed without religion, as they do on a smaller scale in the animal kingdom, became far more severe when the loyalty to one’s tribe and to interests in land became paranoid when with this loyalty was singed by the will to do absolutely anything for the unknown ‘power’ that was assumed to hold a sway over human fortunes and on everything else that happened on earth.

How fear of the unknown interpreted differently exacerbated the divisions in human society caused by conflicts over sharing of land (and other resources)

Here we have two tendencies, one a divisive tendency that divided humankind (and animal-kind) into warring factions due to conflicting interests on sharing land, and the other a grip over the mind impelled by a fear of the unknown, which can lead a person to do any mad act to please a power that is assumed to exist.



All religions are based on the same fear of the unknown, and each religion has interpreted this fear differently

Had this fear of the unknown been interpreted uniformly in the same manner across human society, then religion would not have been used to lend legitimacy to fight each other over sharing land, cattle, women, wealth, resources, etc. The fight would nevertheless would have continued without religion making the fight paranoid and a holy duty to loot, plunder, rape, kill or convert.

But as this fear of the unknown was interpreted differently due to cultural differences, we had different religions. While all religions are based on the same fear of the unknown, they have interpreted this same fear differently.

And the struggle of religions with each other is to dominate other humans who interpret this same fear differently and to compel them to express this fear in the manner the conquering people have done. This is what the Jihad is all about. Convert Jews in to Christians, Christians in to Muslims Buddhists in to Hindus, Hindus in to Muslims, etc.

Conversion to another religion say in to Islam whose methods of conversion are the most brazen and blood-thirsty also forces those converted in giving up their ways of expressing the fear of the unknown and to adopt the Arab way of doing so, and in the process also adopt the Arabic way of prayer, hirsute habits of growing beards, sartorial compulsions like the Hijab, Jilbab, Niqab, Chador, Burqua, the Arabic language, the Arabic script, food, customs, and the Arabic name for the unknown - Allah.

Religious persons and Muslims in particular are fanatically committed to do this as this grip of religion is paranoid as it is rooted in fear, a very overpowering emotion in humankind and animal-kind. And a fear crazed person (or animal) can do anything which it would not do in normal circumstances when its existence is not threatened.

So religion divided humans into warring camps, fighting primarily over land, in disputes that involve collective ego (in the name of tribal honor, and nationalism) which was driven by the primal fear of the unknown and gave legitimacy for committing any mad act to please that ‘power’

Thus religion also gave an additional motive for the internecine warfare amongst humans to grab land and resources and enslave others. While all military campaigns of Alexander, Cyrus, Caesar, etc were rooted in the first reality viz., to capture land, the coming of religion and with the Holy wars and Jihad made warfare far more pervasive and persistent.



The Jihad, the Crusades and other manifestations of holy wars in the name of religion are examples of the first tendency of grabbing land and resources being made paranoid by the second one based on our fear of the unknown, that drives us into mad acts to serve the cause of our tribe, nation, religion motivated by the desire to do anything and everything for the unknown �power�. So we see Muslims, Christians, Hindus willing to die or kill in the name of religion, with Muslims leading the pack of bloodthirstiness.

When evil geniuses like Mohammed, combined these two factors and motivated humans to attack other humans in the name of religion to grab land and to dominate their lives, then human greed, coupled with religion became a major problem, a problem that today threatens to end all life on earth.

Stages of evolution of religion through Omnitheism, Polytheism, Pantheism, Monotheism

We saw the reason why religions have a stranglehold over the human psyche. But this hold has evolved through various stages to acquire the dangerous dimensions it has today.

The beginnings of religion in Omnitheism

Initially, after the religious consciousness got hold of human imagination, the objects of veneration were those that humans feared most, lightning, thunder, the sun, forest fires, earthquakes, floods, in addition to those at which humans marveled like the moon, the stars, the oceans, rivers etc. This was the Omnitheistic phase, where Humans worshipped everything. By its nature, this phase bred tolerance of different modes of worship, as there was no single way of or object of worship. There was no order or boundaries of the objects of worship. This phase still exists today in animistic tribal societies which are still out of the pale of civilization.

From Omnitheism to Polytheism and then to Pantheism

Gradually as the religious view was further developed, there were select objects that could be worshipped. Now the choice became limited. But still there were multiple objects being worshipped. Religion became more organized, and consequently more regimented. Rituals became more definite. But still there was tolerance of different modes of worship, as there were many modes of worship co-existing simultaneously. All ancient civilizations like those of Greece, Rome, Hindu India, Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, were at this stage of religious development. This was Pantheism or Polytheism. The subtle difference between

The subtle difference between Polytheism and Pantheism

Omnitheism was where anything and everything was worshipped, while in Polytheism there were overlapping arrays of objects that were worshipped. Although in Polytheism there was a limit to the objects being worshipped. This was the case where a tribe had its own special deity, but also worshipped those deities of other related tribes.

The African tribals, the Maoris and the Hindus are significant examples of Polytheism. In Pantheism there was a specific pantheon of gods like the Greek Pantheon, the Roman Pantheon, the Egyptian Pantheon, etc. While there could still be a chief god, as Jupiter was the head of the Roman Pantheon. The difference between Polytheism, is that in Polytheism, there is no one single chief god, different tribes can have their own chief god, while they pay obeisance to the gods of the other tribes as lesser gods.

In Pantheism, there is one uniform chief god worshipped by all followers who look upon other gods as demigods. The worshippers generally did not worship gods from each others pantheon. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Mesopotamians are examples of Pantheism.


Justice in Islam

A Palestinian man accused of being an Israeli informer being dragged through the streets of Gaza to be publicly lynched.


Object base Monotheism - Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism

The next stage of evolution of religion, was when there was a further restriction of objects of worship in on single object of worship. This was the first phase of monotheism. There was little to no tolerance in this mode of worship, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity are examples of this mode of worship. This was object based monotheism. In Buddhism you worshipped the image of Buddha only, in Zoroastrianism you worshipped only the fire altar, in Judaism the Menorah - the seven pronged candlestick lamp was the object of worship, while in Christianity you have the crucifix as the object to be worshipped.

Worship of an idea - Islam, Bahaism, Druze and the reason for Monotheistic Intolerance

The next phase of religion was the prevention of any object at all from being worshipped. This was abstract monotheism. Islam is the first example of this mode of worship. Other examples are offshoots of Islam, like Bahais, Durze, Ahmediyas (Quadianis), etc.

The Monotheistic phase is not tolerant of any other modes of worship. And as the idea of a god is an abstract and formless one which is not depicted as a picture or a statue, the followers of this mode of worship have contempt for those religions which identify a god with actual man-made objects. This is logical basis of Islamic intolerance of other religions. When such a religion is backed by the force of arms, it becomes tyrannical.

The Final Phase - Atheism

The next logical phase of the evolution of the human conception of the unknown universe is atheism, where no object nor an idea is worshipped. In fact nothing is worshipped at all.

In all other phases of human consciousness the common idea is about the unknown universe being misinterpreted as an unknown power that consciously regulated human endeavor. It is only the object being worshipped that differs in Omnitheism, Polytheism, Pantheism, and Monotheism. And even if there was no object being worshipped, as in formless Monotheism of Islam, the idea of worship is intact be you Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Buddhist, Hindu, or an adherent of any other.

In atheism, which is a further development of abstract monotheism, the concept of worship itself is rejected. Hence atheists too are philosophically intolerant of all forms of religious expression. While atheism being a logical conclusion is not adhered to with passion. Atheists are not held together due to their hatred of religious people. This is the difference between the hatred of religious communities for each other and is communalism, and the dispassionate rejection of religion by atheists.

How we will inculcate Atheism in a religious Human population

But, if and when, they at all atheists become the undisputed master of human destiny, they need not be barbaric as the Muslims have been to eject religion from human minds. They can have refined methods of intellectual discourse supplemented with methods like administering anesthesia, inducing amnesia and re-educating the human species to evolve a synthetic but fully rationalized atheistic Man.

Of course whenever there is a violent challenge from religion to atheism, the atheistic authority can use the proven methods of Re-education Schools for the misguided humans who continue to be religious, followed by a stint in Concentration Camps for those who continue to be intransigent after going through the Re-education Schools and finally to be put through the regime of administering anesthesia, inducing amnesia and re-educating the human species to evolve a synthetic but fully rationalized atheistic Man. But atheism will have to be set up as the only human outlook in an ideal world if we as a species have to realize our fill potential, whatever the human cost of doing so!

We know this suggestion is going to be fiercely condemned and taken to pieces, but there is no other way out

Mongrelized Atheism of the Jacobins of the French Revolution

Religion has been till today an inseparable part of the human psyche and society. We can never ever conceive, a society without religion. While atheism as a school of thought has been prevalent since ancient times and is as old as humankind itself, it was the Jacobins in France who for the first time made a mongrelized form of atheism a part of state policy. We call it Mongrelized, because they (Robespierre) made a statue of the ‘Goddess of Reason’ to be worshipped instead of Christ. This was not mature atheism. And with their mass cruelty during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, they discredited everything they stood for, including their Mongrelized Atheism.



The Failure of Atheistic Communism, a step forward for humanity and freedom but a setback for Atheism

The next experiment with Communism took place on a major scale in the last (i.e. 20th) century. Soviet and later Chinese communism did abolish religion and brought up entire generations under the new education system that did away with religion.

But with the economic failure of Communism, everything associated with the Communist outlook was discredited. While communism proved that, by using state policy, it was indeed possible to abolish the idea of religion as a necessary part of the human psyche, it also proved that the Communist way of organizing an economy was bound to fail. We need to separate the grain from the chaff in discarding Communism as an alternative economic structure, we need to salvage Atheism from the failed rump of communism and carry it forward. Today ironically we shall not only have to discard Communism, if we had accepted it in the first place, bin fighting the War on Terror, we also need to destroy those communists who have aligned themselves with Muslim as enemies of democracy and freedom.

How the evolution of religion has the seeds of its own destruction

Atheism is an idea that is still obnoxious to all religious people. Be they the neocons of George Bush’s Republican Party, or the ultra-orthodox Shaas party of the ruling Likud Party of Israel, or the Hindu nationalist BJP of India or the Buddhist monarchies of Thailand and the Buddhists strongmen like Thaksin Shinawatra, or the hate driven bearded savages of the Al Qaeda. All of them would shun atheism today.

But the fact remains that as theists all of them are at variance with each other too, with the Muslims staging barbaric attacks on all of the rest, be they Jews, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists. While the rest can co-exist, when still being at odds with each other, the Muslims are intolerant savages. And ironically in the Muslims is of best bet to destroy ALL religions, starting with Islam.

How will religions self-destruct?

The actual destruction of religion will begin with the Christian, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists combining to destroy Islam. Islam will and should be destroyed once and forever, but in the process all the other religions too would be weakened. Therein lies the opportunity to give all religions the final push, after the violent physical destruction of Islam.



While different religions can co-exist with each other, the story is entirely different with the bearded Muslim savages. Lead by gangs like the Al Qaeda, they will either slaughter the rest of us or convert us to Islam. Or better still for the rest of us, Muslims will, and should, perish to the last man, with all their co-religionists all across the world once and forever.

History will credit Islam for helping to bring upon religion the final push that humankind gave to All Religions

Ironically it is in the inherent universal fanaticism of the Muslims that is articulated by the Al Qaeda that the seeds of the destruction of religion as an essential adjunct of the human psyche are to be found. Had the religions of the world been like those of the Jews, the near-extinct Zoroastrians, the philosophically tolerant Hindus, or the socially tolerant Christians, then religion would not have challenged the very existence of civilized society, and then it would not have become necessary of think about the demise of religion altogether.

But because of Islam, and its savage methods, matters are coming to a head. With the mindless cruelty of Islam spurred on by a paranoid mindset to convert the entire human race to Islam, this barbarous creed is going to bring about the demise of not just itself, but of all religion.

And if Islam is not destroyed, completely and permanently, the entire human race, and all life on earth might meet its end at the hands of the mindless, senseless, and ghoulish Jihadis.



Islam is going to force the issue of the negative, counter-productive and destructive role of religion. All pre-islamic religions have been negative and counter-productive, but it is Islam that is out and out destructive. While all religions were hindrances to progress, no religion presented itself as an insurmountable barrier to progress.

If there has to be progress then Islam has to be destroyed and if there has to be Islam, all progress has to be frozen in time to the days of 7th century Arabia when the accursed Quran was collated by that evil genius Mohammed in the Sandy wastelands of Arabia.

In a way it is good for the long term benefit of humankind that religion has taken the form of Islam that is going to give humankind the option of Islam or progress. No other religion has ever reached these diabolical limits that Islam has taken perverted human behavior to.



A mild dose of slow poison is what all other religions had been and they limited themselves to that. But Islam has presented itself to humankind as the fatal overdose of poison, drinking which is going to mean the end of all progress and free-thought. Islam represents all that is evil and beastly in human behavior. And so the time has come for everyone on this planet to band together against Islam to give it the kiss of death. And this is bound to happen, or else it is Islam that will be victorious after which the only hope for humankind to be human once again in any sense of the term, would depend solely on some Muslims realizing the sub-human character of Islam and overthrowing it from within, after many centuries of atrophy for the human species under Islam.

Islam stunts all creative expression. Don’t tell us that Muslims are good calligraphers, and carpet weavers. And all the advances made by Muslims in their so-called renaissance in the days of Harun-al-Rashid, were the result of the efforts of the Persian converts to Islam. Islam was born and bred in a land that due its harsh natural environment, precluded any scientific development.

And this is why Muslims are harsh paranoid about others and always itching for a fight with everyone, including amongst themselves, calling for Death to this and Death to that to finally gloat about their murders they commit in a macabre dance on the corpses of their victims with a ghastly showing off of the victims hearts and liver which they tear out of their corpses.



This progress during the much touted ‘Islamic Renaissance’ was achieved not because of Islam, but in spite of Islam. In a milder way this holds true for all religions.

Islam is the nadir of barbaric insanity.

Islam is like the case of a benign person with an unstable mind turning into a psychic maniac killer. That benign person with an unstable mind is like all pre-Islamic religions and the psychic maniac killer is Islam. Now that we have the psychic maniac killer on the loose, we need to hunt him down for the general benefit of humanity and to insure human progress.

Without Islam being around, this need to phase out religion would not have been that acute. Even the most ardent bible thumbing popes could be neutralized and Galileo’s and Copernicus’s discoveries could see the light of the day.

The days of witch-burning and the Inquisition could pass, and the reformation and the renaissance could come over human society. But the darkness of Islam’s savagery will not go without a fight and a very, very bloodied one at that! This fight will need a lot of help, and the help would have to in the form of a thermonuclear holocaust of a large swathe of the Islamic world. No soft options here.

These words would sound crazy, today. But trust us, they will not sound crazy enough, when the Jihadis unleash WMDs and Dirty bombs and nukes on the civilized world. That day unfortunately may not be too far off with Iran developing nukes and Pakistan’s Musharraf being overthrown in an Al Qaeda sponsored military coup. Both possibilities are to happen in the near future and will bring doomsday nearer hoe, unless we bomb out Iran and a post-Musharraf in to the Stone Age post haste!



History will credit Islam with the final push that humankind gave to religion, all because Islam made it impossible for the human species to live with religion, a feat that neither Christianity, nor Judaism, nor Hinduism, nor Buddhism, could ever have achieved.

Why has religion dominated the human psyche

After reading all this one may ask, if religion is all that harmful, then why has it dominated our psyche. The reason lies in the human fear of the unknown. Religion has sought to explain or rather explain away the unknown universe with the fantasy that there is a creator (maker) and all that exists and happens in the universe is due to his will(sic). And that we all come from him and to him we return (bullcrap).

This explanation was psychologically satisfying as it left nothing unexplained. But the fact is that religion, in spite of its apparently complete explanation, was based on a fantasy, that there is a god. So we can say that religion is a ‘complete’ fantasy.

Religion poses questions like why do we exist, where do we come from, where do we go after death. It talks of life after death and other such concepts that seem quite frightening, since none can explain them. Humankind has no answers for these. It is here that science comes into the picture, not to give fictitious answers to such questions, but to use all the human senses of perception to know more of the material universe of which we are a part. The scientific view gives us an incomplete understanding of reality. The scientific view is not and perhaps will never ever be able to answer all questions, that religion passes off in the name of a fictitious god.

Religion which was a deformity before Islam, has become a calamity for the human race, after Islam came along

All the chicanery of religion would have been tolerable had not one of them, decided to impose itself on the whole of humankind on the pain of death, as that accursed creed of Islam does. So the need to wipe out Islam (and later other religions) from the fruit to the root.

While religion is a comfortable dead-end that invokes the name of a god, to explain all that is beyond human knowledge, science is an attitude that tries to understand and explain the universe to the extent we can. Humans have to decide whether we have to keep murdering each other in the name of a fictitious god or to try to unravel the mysteries of the universe generation after generation.

Suffice it to say here that the concept that there is a god is the greatest lie on earth, of which Islam is the worst paranoid and beastly expression. Among all religions, Islam has been the most cruel delusion that has afflicted humankind. The motive force of religion being based on fear is what plays upon our emotion, and as a result we develop a paranoid commitment and loyalty to our religion, and any talk against it arouses raw passions, that in context of Islam that call for the death for those who criticize that religion as we saw during the Danish Cartoon Controversy.

This is regularly seen in the chants of the Muslim mobs like Death to the Great Satan America, Death to Salman Rushdie, Death to this and Death to that!! Religion is like one’s mother, any talk against one’s mother, arouses the most primal emotions and passions. Religion is the opium of the masses and venom of the Muslim asses.

In all religion and more so in Islam, there is no compromise in matters of faith, and there is no question of changing one’s faith, as there is no question of compromise on anyone trifling with the morals of one’s mother and there is no chance of changing one’s mother. We are born to one and are bound to defend her honor from being violated. Same with religion.

But talking about ones profession, no one is that possessive and criticizing one’s profession does not arouse such passions. One can always change one’s profession or change it, somewhat like changing one’s spouse! Getting a better wife or husband is never an option beyond consideration. Same with our professions. The point here is that quest gives us science and science gives us different professions, but fear of the unknown gives us faith in a fantasy that we assume to exist and to be ruling the unknown. This is what gives us different religions. And as on matters of faith there is no compromise, we are ready to die or kill for our religion, but never so for our profession. The point is the ideal human response for everything should be based on rationale, as it is for professions. The choice for everything should be based on freedom, caliber, training and liking, as against birth, upbringing, brainwashing and emotion as it is for religion.



Morality and ethics are independent of religion

Belonging to a profession is an informed choice, to which we have a rational adherence. Not so with religions, which are a travesty of human capability of judgment and usage of our faculties.

So we can see there is nothing ethical or moral about any religion. Morality and ethics are independent of religion. But as religion gets a vice like grip on human minds, it can and has been used to inculcate ethics and morality amongst humans. So far so good. But when it is murder, rape, torture, tyranny, beheading, slaughter that is inculcated using this vice like grip of religion, then religion becomes a problem. This is what Islam does quite perfectly and acutely, although all religions do it in a milder and manageable way.

Islam crosses all limits of sanity, when the Quran asks Muslims to slay non-Muslims, Smite their fingers whenever you meet them, etc. Religion which was a deformity before Islam has become a calamity for the human race, after Islam came along.

We need a dispassionate and ruthless mind of a hunter to hunt down to its death the man-eater tiger that Islam is, by putting the bullets between the two eyes of that tiger, unless we intend becoming a meal of that tiger called Islam



So where does all this leave us? With all non-Islamic religions we see the primary use of the vice like grip of religion to mainly inculcate good moral behavior amongst human. The bad part is also there in all religions. A part that seeks to convert the followers of other religions through missionary activity. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus all have missionaries engaged in converting others. But none of them are after each other�s blood, as a matter of faith. They are all noble-intentioned, but are impractical as they fail in the face of the evil-intentioned vice like grip which Islam inculcates amongst its followers.

Islam teaches you to kill kafirs, to tyrannize them till, they accept Islam, to rape their womenfolk, to humiliate them. So Islam uses the vice like grip to arouse raw, savage passions amongst humans. But in doing all this while the Muslims are evil-intentioned, they are also very practical and efficient in achieving their ghoulish goals and play on human emotions and human weaknesses very smartly.

How can Islam be defeated

It is here that Atheists have to score over Islam and be practical like the Muslims in order to destroy Islam with a ferocity that will make the Muslims either numb or into dead meat. Atheists should learn to be dishonest and cruel with the Muslims. To always pretend to be powerless, while using the first opportunity to hit the Muslims where it hurts them most, of course the objective should be put the fear of death in the Muslims, to terrorize them using all means foul, ruthless and cruel.

We should always pretend to be friendly with those fiends, but never to consider for one moment that a Muslim could ever be a friend to any non-Muslim be he a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or any other. Our aim should always and forever be to destroy Islam till the last Muslim on this planet is either dead or converts to be a non-Muslim.

Remember in the Muslims we are dealing with a community that looks human, but has within themselves the mentality of wild animals who would devour you at the first opportunity. The only difference being that a wild animal will attack you if it is hungry, or if it sees a danger in you. But a Muslim will deceive you, betray you, trick you, and when he gets a chance, he will murder you as the Quran tells him to do that.

Hence you need to hunt Muslims down at the first opportunity, never taking your eyes off you adversary. It is either you or the Muslims, so have your choice!

So whatever the method and cost, we need to meet Islam’s challenge with a single mind focused solely on targeting and attacking all Muslims, till either they are all dead, or give up Islam. It is only those who have this kind of a cold practical understanding of the challenge that Islam presents and the “Ruthless Will” to carry out this intention can defeat Islam and save humankind.


* For those uninitiated, PBUH expands to Perpetual Battle Upon Hagarism (Islam) – founded by the mass-murderer and pedophile pretender prophet Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah (Yimach Shmo – May his name and memory be obliterated).


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Unfortunately for humankind, the end of the death-seeking fiery cult of Islam can only come about through a fiery death-giving weapon. Ironically such nuclear mushroom clouds would be the blazing hell-fire that the Quran talks about and acknowledges will bring about an end to Islam such that there will be no one across the globe to say “Lah ilah il Allah, Mohammed ur Rasoolallah” (There is no god but allah and Mohammed is his prophet).


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